More value from waste

Telermaat is the biggest supplier for the tree nurseries and flower growers in The Netherlands. In this position they want to take a leading role into the move towards sustainability. Although this market was already one of the first to adopt recycled plastics on a large scale many sustainable improvements are needed. To understand the current plastic use and find these areas for improvement we have conducted a Plastic Scan for Telermaat. The result of this scan was a list for both internal as external tangible follow-up projects of which the first are implemented. 

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knowledge to increase value

Special attention was put on the collection system for used plastics that Telermaat offers to their customers as a service. This waste stream was examined and the different plastics streams separated and quantified on type and quality. These insights gave new knowledge on how to improve the quality of the streams and how to get more value on the market. Several scenarios were drafted to analyse the added value. 


closed loop recycling

Telermaat noticed on the market that the price for plastic waste is dropping while the price of new or recycled plastic products remained the same. A good reason to validate the opportunities for a closed loop recycling. Based on the Plastic Scan we identified the best stream and sourced the right partners in The Netherlands to close the loop. The first pilot is currently running.

products analyzed
points of improvement
1. Creating an overview of all plastic streams which go in and out
2. finding opportunities for increasing the value of waste streams
Report with overview of plastic streams and advice for follow ups
Pilot closed loop recycling ongoing