involve your customers, suppliers and staff

Involve clients & suppliers

How do you share your new ambitious sustainability goals with your clients and suppliers, another report or newsletter? Let’s make it tangible and exciting! We believe in storytelling via tangible products and installations. For example creating the furniture of your lobby from your own waste streams. It can also be interactive activation, for this we’ve developed an interactive plastic recycling installation where visitors can recycle plastic on the spot into new products.

Make the circular economy tangible

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Celebrate sustainability with your team

Getting people aligned for the same sustainability goals is hard work. By making it tangible people will have a better understanding on how their actions will have a positive effect.  It can be a conversation starter as small as a coffee tray made from recycled plastic or name tags made from old safety helmets. Don’t forget to celebrate your sustainable wins with the team! Over the years we’ve made various trophies made from recycled plastic. 

Attract millennial staff

Companies that focus on sustainability put themselves in a better position to attract and retain millennial employees. We help you inform members of the community, including potential employees, that you’re working on a sustainable future. Inspire millennials and win their loyalty by showing you care about the environment and the company wants to make a meaningful impact in the world. 
In a 2016 Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement study showed:

    1.  Three-quarters of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company

    2.  83% would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues (vs. 70% U.S. average)

    3.  76% of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work (vs. 58% U.S. average)
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