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Plastic scan

The goal of the plastic scan is to have a complete overview of the current product portfolio of plastic products and packaging.  This includes the kinds of plastic, amounts, quality, ease of separation and production criteria. We analyse which plastic goes in at the front and what happens end-of-life. The plastic waste streams are mapped and the rate of recyclability determined. We identify the points for improvement to increase the recyclability. 

Food for Thought:
Products can be Over-Protected

“Packaging is constantly changing due to new content, legislation or by working with a new manufacturer. These changes result in new, and often, extra sealings and barriers. Sometimes these layers actually do the same but make the product extra difficult to recycle. With the plastic scan we give you insight into what each layer is doing and if your product is over-protected.”


Bart Bleijerveld

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Circular Economy Brainstorm

The circular economy for plastic provides business opportunities for your company and products. Is this interactive session we explore these opportunities and find the best fit with your company. We work collaboratively in this session with your team and our team of plastics experts and designers,building  on each other’s ideas and expertise. The results in an overview of most promising directions.

Plastic value chain

Moving to sustainable plastics requires a holistic approach and understanding the complete plastic value chain. When we work for a client we want to understand the current challenges when it comes to sourcing, using and disposing of plastics. These challenges are often different for marketing, operations or sales and mapping them is paramount before starting new development. We work together with producers, sorters, recyclers and research institutes all over the whole world.

Food for Thought:
Does your online sales manager need secondary packaging?

Sharing knowledge about sustainable plastics

Being in the field  for over 8 years we’ve developed our own database for sustainable materials, trends and best practices. When doing a project we like to share this knowledge and get our clients up to speed with a workshop about best practices and trends concerning sustainable plastics. Learn more about how plastic recycling works and what common problems are to get a better understanding of the challenge ahead. 

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