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Plastic strategy

Get in control of your plastics with the help of actionable plastic strategy. Whether a company is evolving or new to the industry, changing to sustainable plastics requires a clear and compelling strategy. We work with businesses and organisations of all sizes, being their pathfinder in the circular economy for plastics. Helping companies to create a plastic strategy for the years to come. The aim is creating lasting change.

Actionable plan

Based on the strategy we can make an actionable plan where we differentiate on short, mid and long term actions. For the implementation we like tangible follow ups and a practical approach. We will tell you for each action, whether this could be done either by the team itself, with help of our team, or by working together with current or new partners in the value chain. We help you connect and introduce you to the right partners. 

Success Stories

So what's described in this plan?

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Business model canvas

Want to explore a reuse model for your product? We help you fill in the sustainable business model canvas. 

It’s a powerful tool to understand where in the business model changes will need to be made for switching to sustainable plastics. It creates a clear overview including among other things: customer segments, key partners and revenue model.


Reuse models are a key action point for the circular economy for plastics, but where do you start? We help you find out which reuse model has the best fit to the company and which products are best suited for reuse based on impact and packaging efficiency.  We can validate the model by customer interviews, prototyping and testing.


Sustainability must be supported across the company to be effective. By creating a manifesto we help to  align everyone towards the same goals. We also help consumer facing companies write concrete commitments for global initiatives like the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

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