Old packaging becomes new soap dish

What to do with 35.000 plastic containers which are no longer being sold? That was the initial challenge for this project. Based on our earlier performed plastic strategy the original packaging for their soap bars wasn’t future proof for recycling. The plastic packaging was changed for a paper packaging. Nevertheless, the old packaging was still on stock and just throwing it away would have been a waste. Therefor we’ve transformed this old stock into unique Erno Laszlo soap dishes which last for a lifetime.


Erno Laszlo New York


Creating a new product from discarded packaging


A reusable soap dish


Available from 2021



The challenge

Transforming old packaging with printing on it into a new quality product.

A new feeling of luxury

The marble effect helped us create a new feeling of luxury which resonates with the brand of Erno Laszlo. It als helped us to disguis any impurities in the white material as we are working with recyceld material that had black printing on it. 

New look and works better

Next to optimizing on look and material we also developed a better functioning soap dish. Many soap dishes have the soap bar floating in a puddle of water, this design doesn’t and hardly touches the soap bar, leaving no residue. 


Packaging products analyzed


Points of improvement


KG CO2 reduction