We transform sustainable ideas

into tangible products

Our approach integrates design, engineering and storytelling. Combining our idealistic spirit with a hands-on approach, helping your business and the environment thrive with future proof products.

Innovation partner

With our clients we develop patented products, new sustainable materials and even custom made production processes to get the job done.

Circular economy guidance

We help our clients find their way in the circular economy and make measurable impact with tangible results. 

Setting up production

Our expertise is in plastic but we work with all materials. Working on production series from 1 to 1.000.000 pieces

Our services

Product development

Developing a new product from scratch or optimising an existing product. We help you develop a product all the way up to production.

Plastic recycling R&D

We help our clients recycle plastics into all kind of products. Identifying interesting waste sources, how to reprocess it and making the recyclable for another life cycle.

Actionable strategies

A clear strategy works as a compass for future innovation. We shape our strategies by looking at upcoming legislation, analysing trends, scouting for new innovative (recycling) processes, talking with the industry and being on top of our game. No extensive report, but actionable strategies. 

Packaging optimization

Packaging is a real challenge when it comes to making it fit into a circular economy.  We help you design and develop packaging that is future proof.

Prototyping & testing

We believe in a hands on approach. This means prototyping and testing in an early stage. We have our own prototyping workshop. Let us help test and validate your idea.

Setting up production

We help our clients from from a general idea on the back of a napkin all the way up to finished and assembled product. Even developing custom production techniques.

The circular economy for plastic

For a circular economy we need material to be part of a closed loop. We use the principles of the renowed Ellen Macarthur Foundation for this. 

image by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Industry experience


For over 10 years we’ve worked with brands and organisations across industries and sectors all over the world.

Consumer products


Retail & Furniture




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Transforming future proof ideas to tangible products since 2012