Perpetual Plastic Project

Interactive recycling installation for events

The Perpetual Plastic Project is an interactive recycling installation for young and old where plastic waste is recycled on the spot into new products by 3D-printers. The installation can be booked for events, festivals or other occasions. It gets visitors involved and educated about the value of recycling of plastic waste. The fun and hands-on – learning by doing – experience is what makes the Perpetual Plastic Project stand out on every event.


Better Future Factory


Educate people about the value of plastic recycling in a fun way


The world’s first installation where people themselves can transform waste into a 3d print


Done over 300 events all over the world


since 2012

The Set-up

This mobile mini recycling factory consists of the elements of a  big recycling facility but than in small. It has 4 stations where people themselves can experience the different steps required for going from waste to product. It consists of:

  • washing & drying set-up
  • shredders
  • extrusion machine
  • 3d printers 

The installation is designed as a modulair system, it’s easy to transport and can host up to 20 visitors at the same time. Together with the installation an experienced staff will guide the visitors through the process and explain the steps in more detail.

Step 1: Cleaning & drying

The first stap is cleaning the waste from any leftovers. When rinsed the plastic will dance and dry in our air blower.

Step 2: Shredding

In this step we’ll shred the plastic product into smaller pieces. Everything by manual labour. Recycling is hard work!

Step 3: Extruding

This machine melts and presses (extrudes) the shredded flakes into plastic string, called a filament.

Step 4: 3D printing

The filament can directly go into a 3d printer. This machine 3d prints a new product layer by layer without the need of having a production mold.

Let’s get to work

We believe in learning by doing. By working with the machine people learn in a fun way about plastics and recycling. Kids, students, business men and grandparents, we have worked with every target group and all are fascinated by the hands-on recycle process.

Several extension options are available to create a custom experience for your event.