Creating a plastic strategy for the years to come

Erno Laszlo is a New York based prestige skin-care brand. We worked with Erno Lazlo to develop their Clean & Sustainable 2020 initiative for packaging. The company now has a clear Plastic Strategy with an actionable plan to move towards sustainable plastic packaging. Erno Laszlo is currently executing the plan with our support. The first sustainable improvements have been implemented and available for customers, e.g. a soap bar wrapped in paper instead of a plastic box, a reusable soap dish made from the old soap bar plastic boxes and a fully recyclable cap for their iconic jars.


Erno Laszlo


Making the packaging sustainable


Creating a future proof packaging strategy for the complete portfolio


Packaging portfolio being transformed



Strategy development

The first step in building a Plastic Strategy and action plan is to gain insight in the current plastic use. From the plastic scan the points of improvement are determined to move towards recyclable packaging, how to replace virgin with recycled plastics and set-up closed loop recycling. With the team of Erno Laszlo we explored new packaging and business models ready for the circular economy of plastics. The most promising direction was identified, researched, prototyped and tested. An exciting new sustainable business model in development for the years to come.

Brand Heritage

For Erno Laszlo, as a prestige skin-care brand, the look & feel is very important. The challenge was to make the packaging more sustainable design without losing track of the brand’s 100 year heritage. Their famous Marlyn Monroe packaging line with a marbled effect was actually an inspiration for a sustainable design alternative for their non-recyclable black caps. By using a colorful marbled texture and a different liner the cap became fully recyclable while being absolutely gorgeous.