Old make-up tray becomes new shop display

For Dutch retail chain HEMA we’ve developed a closed-loop recycling solution for their discarded make up trays. By a custom developed production process we recycled the old trays into 2000 new shop displays. The recycling process gives the material an awesome speckle effect, with sometimes a colored dot from the make-up. You can find the recycled make-up trays in every HEMA store in Europe.




Creating a closed loop recycling solution for discarded make up trays


A custom store display made from recycled plastics


On display in every HEMA strore in Europe



Closing the Loop

Some discarded materials are hard to fit into existing recycling streams, due to the  kind of plastic or insufficient volume to set up a dedicated recycling program with. With these old makeup trays it was a combination of both. We’re specialised in finding dedicated solutions for such streams and able to set up a closed loop recycling program. Taking on the discarded trays from Hema and making a custom product for Hema. 

Keep it Simple

For creating a production process which was economically viable we skipped the step of compounding the material. This means we directly used the shredded makeup trays to create a sheet material, check out the video for more info

Now available in a store near you


Old makeup trays


New shop displays


Hema shops in Europe