Dancing Towards Sustainability

In our ambitious collaboration with Energy Floors, Better Future Factory contributed a enhancement to the Dancer, a one-of-a-kind dance floor that generates electricity through human movement. Our work encapsulated innovative design, engineering, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability.


Energy Floors


Integrating Ocean Plastic waste into the sustainable dance floor


Colorfull shape made from PE and PP ocean plastic waste


Being tested by client



Energy floor in use during Coldplay concert (image source: Energy Floors)

Utilization of Ocean Waste Plastic


Recognizing the potential in a material often deemed unusable, we developed a novel production method to transform highly contaminated ocean waste plastic into a key component of the dance floor. This initiative turned environmental pollution into a symbol of sustainability and innovation.

image source: The Ocean Cleanup

Designing and Assembling the Top Layer


Our design team crafted the shape of the dance floor’s top layer, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and compatibility with the overall tile structure.  The challenge of working with ocean waste plastic was met with ingenious engineering solutions. We conceived a unique method of assembling the top layer to the overall tile, ensuring durability and alignment with Energy Floors’ renewable energy mission.


This collaboration with Energy Floors showcases what’s possible when innovative design meets sustainability. The Dancer is not only a technological marvel; it’s a statement that sustainability can be engaging, enjoyable, and elegant. Hopefully our contribution to this project will reach a global audience, inspiring countless individuals to think differently about renewable energy and waste materials.

At Better Future Factory, we’re dedicated to turning creative ideas into tangible solutions that drive positive environmental change. This project stands as a testament to our ability to merge design, engineering, and sustainability into products that resonate with the world’s ever-growing consciousness of our planet’s wellbeing.

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new tile design with ocean plastic