Configuring a future proof street

For the Startup in residence program of the Gemeente Den Haag we’ve developed a modulair parklet system which can be composed by the needs of the residents and testing new uses for parking spots.


Gemeente Den Haag


Test what other funtions a parking lot could have to create a more human friendly and future proof street.


A modulair parklet, designed with and for residents


Pilot 2021



The challenge

Many streets in the Netherlands date back before the time cars were a commodity. This means that these streets have never been designed for all these parked cars and nowadays charging poles, waste containers, road signs much more. On top of this, streets have to become climate adaptive and the residents should feel responsible again for their street. Many challenges! But where to start?

Flexible in use

The parklet can be configured in many different ways, depending what on the required function. This principle comes from the Ruimte makers from Rotterdam based Studio Klinkenberg. Every parklet consists of 5 “puzzle pieces” which can be changed.

Pilot Elsstraat in the Hague

The Elsstraat in the Hague (Netherlands) will be renovated in 2024. A great opportunity to get in touch with its residents and understand what they want. Based on several creative sessions with the residents we configured the parket as a minipark. With lots of plants, a kitchen garden, a water, mini library to swap books and benches to get to know your neighbours. This setup was tested in a pilot for 4 months. 

Circular materials

Next to being reusable the parklet is also made from sustainable materials. The decking is made recycled artificial grass coming from sport clubs in the surroundings. The planters are made from sheet material made from 100% recycled plastic coming from consumer waste streams. The wooden elements are made from thermo wood, this is heat treated pine wood which lasts almost as long as tropical hardwood but has a much lower footprint and doesn’t need a protective layer of paint or laquer.

Pilot results

following soon!