Flowerpots made from Amsterdam canal waste

How do you show the world that you are already a frontrunner in using post consumer recycled plastic for your products? Recycled plastics are of such a good quality nowadays that customers do not see the difference between virgin and recycled. This challenge by Elho, Europe’s biggest producer of planters, led to a production technique innovation that creates unique marbled planters made from plastic waste fished from the Amsterdam canals.




Showing that Elho is a frontrunner in recycled plastic pottery


Plant pots made from canal waste with a unqiue look


Available via Elho



Plastic Whale

Plastic whale is a social enterprise which organises plastic fishing trips in canals and rivers.  Their mission is plastic free waters and they want to achieve this by involving as many people and businesses as possible. For the collaboration for this project part of the plastic fished from the Amsterdam canals was used for the limited edition of planters.

Testing next to the machines

For creating the most beautiful marble effect in injection moulding we’ve worked closely together with the people from production. Testing, adjusting and finetuning. The effect makes every pot unique and still is produced with a mass production process.

Let it show

Brands make more and more use of the recycled-look to make their products stand out and give the customers a sustainable look & feel without explicitly naming it. To create this look & feel, material and production technique innovations are needed, something our team has extensive knowledge in. It feels a bit uncomfortable at first to give permission to experiment with an expensive injection molding machine but the results amazed everybody.