Here starts the sea

Every year 8-14 millions ton of plastic waste ends up in our oceans. Most of this waste gradually finds its way to open water via rivers and canals. With the “here starts the sea” tiles we want to make people aware that they can make impact by stop littering.


City of Rotterdam


Stop people from littering in open water and rain drainage system


A tile near water sides which tells people their litter will end up in the sea


Tiles installed in and around Rotterdam



The challenge

Next to making people aware, the challenge was to make tile from recycled plastic coming from rivers and canals. With a unique production process we succeeded to use this kind of very degraded plastics for a high quality tile.

Unique production process

A lot of the plastic waste collected has sand or other debris. Filtering the plastic from the debris would make this waste stream economically not viable and most plastic processing machines can’t handle debris. Therefor we work with a tailor made compression molding technology which can handle this kind of contaminated material streams. The tiles we create are incredibly strong!

Tile spotters

We would love to receive photos of the tiles in and around Rotterdam. So please share your photo with us via social media or our contact form.