Coffee packaging becomes coffee tray

Recycling multilayer packaging material into coffee trays. This tray is made via a unique production process developed in-house at Better Future Factory. Discarded coffee packaging is shredded, pressed and cut into shape. The handle is made from recycled oak wood coming from old train wagons.

The coffee trays are now part of the coffee service product portfolio for Pelican Rouge & Selecta, being distributed around the Netherlands with their machines and beans. Serving coffee sustainable since 2018!


Selecta & Pelican Rouge


Creating a coffee product from discarded (multilayer) coffee packaging


Unique coffee tray made with a custom production process


Delivered with Pelican Rouge Coffee machines in the Netherlands



Design process

We’re experts at material driven design. Starting with the waste stream, understanding the opportunities and developing a product in which we use the recycled material qualities as a benefit.

Multilayer waste problem

Coffee packaging is made of multilayer material, meaning several thin layers of different materials, in this case different plastics. This makes it practically impossible to mechanically recycle in the general recycling system. Normally this material ends up in the incinerator, we took on the challenge to give it another life cycle. Transforming a disposed disposable in a functional product.

Color effect

The confetti color effect is created by mixing different colors of coffee packaging, in this way we are using it as an esthetical benefit. What better conversation starter during your coffee break?

Production process

For creating the trays we’ve developed a production tailor made for this specific plastic multilayer waste source. It consists of shredding the material, pressing it into sheet material, laser cutting the shape and bending the sides. The wooden handle is laser engraved and pressed on. The process is developed for small to medium batch size (1000+) and produced in collaboration with social workplace Stunt.