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From Idea to Impact: How Better Future Factory Creates Meaningful Products

transforming Amsterdam canal waste into Elho plant pots

Better Future Factory


At Better Future Factory, a leading product design agency in Rotterdam, we believe in creating meaningful products that are not only innovative but also have a positive impact on our planet. Our goal is to design tangible products that enrich people’s lives while contributing to the sustainability of our world.

Our team, consisting of experienced designers and collaborating producers, is dedicated to bringing each concept to life. Through this close collaboration, we are able to transform ideas into products that not only meet the highest standards of innovation and design but are also sustainably produced, thus collectively working towards a better future.

Our work

With our pragmatic approach we create tangible, sustainable and scalable solutions in no time. Have a look at our work.

Co-creation for Impactful Results


In close collaboration with our clients, we translate ideas into technical drawings and tangible products. This co-creative approach is essential for creating valuable products that meet technical requirements and enrich the market.

Our team of specialized professionals utilizes prototyping and rigorous quality control to ensure that each end product perfectly aligns with our clients’ needs. This design process supports an iterative approach that consistently delivers impactful results, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality in the final outcome, surpassing expectations.


Expertise in Product Development

With a solid background in industrial design, extensive technical knowledge, and years of experience, our team at Better Future Factory takes on a wide range of projects. Our team of talented designers and engineers combines creativity with profound technical expertise, uniquely positioning us to manage and optimize every aspect of product development.

From initial conceptual sketches to detailed engineering, continuous prototyping, and final production, we work closely with our clients to create a tangible product that not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of innovation and efficiency. This collaborative approach enables us to identify and implement the precise needs and desires of our clients in every design, with every detail carefully considered to ensure optimal performance and aesthetic appeal.

Through this methodical and customer-centric approach, we elevate each project to the next level of development. Each prototype plays a crucial role in the iteration process, ensuring the ultimate quality and functionality of the product. This not only ensures technical refinement but also practical applicability in real-world situations.

Our mission:


Why choose Better Future Factory?

At Better Future Factory, we love working with companies that want to change the world. Our vision for sustainability, combined with our expertise in industrial design and engineering, enables us to develop products that not only meet market demands but also contribute to a better world. Our agency is internationally recognized for our work in sustainable product development, and we’re always seeking new challenges and opportunities.

If you’re interested in collaboration or would like to learn more about how we can bring your concept to market, please contact us via email or phone. Let’s work together to create meaningful products that truly make a difference.

Our Clients

“Better Future Factory eliminates the concept of waste and creates innovative solutions for a Cradle to Cradle economy. Inspiring makers with their recycled 3d printing filament, creating both social and economic opportunities for people around the world with their New Marble tiles.”

Prof. Dr. Braungart, Author Cradle to Cradle at Büro Braungart

About the Perpetual Plastic Project: “A great initiative to remind us that plastic is a valuable resource and we should avoid treating plastic as waste.”

Nelleke van der Puil, Vice president materials at Lego

“We’re very happy and proud with the fully recycled awards made from our own waste. The collaboration and communication for this project was excellent.”

Eileen van den Tweel, manager innovation, KLM royal Dutch airlines

“Better Future Factory developed for us Single Use Plastic Free guide. The task was super challenging as our company works in different markets all over the world. Nevertheless they succeeded in the best possible way. I was impressed with the depth of knowledge.”

Alisa Kovaleva, Sustainability business partner, Inkga centres (IKEA group)

“The Better Future Factory team has been instrumental in the development of our sustainability initiatives for both the short and long term. The team’s deep understanding of packaging innovations, trends and recycling models helped us explore innovative ways to reduce the amount of materials we use and to make our packaging fully recyclable.”

Maryam Tantawy, head of product marketing HUM nutrition

Sustainable innovation coming from an old tropical swimming pool

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